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Summary of Services:

Innovation typically differentiates one technology company from its competitors. It also creates continual and rapid change whether you are a privately held early stage start-up or large publicly traded company.

To distinguished our Technology Practice, Rice Insurance has built a team comprised of technology, insurance, and risk management professionals. This composition of professionals is unique in our industry and provides you a level of expertise found nowhere else.

Coverage Highlights and Additional Offerings:

  • Enterprise-wide definition of covered services, extending to all insured products and work.
  • True worldwide coverage territory, including suits brought outside the U.S.
  • Broad definition of anomaly/wrongful act that includes Breach of Warranty or Representation as well as Information Security/Privacy/Data Breach coverage.
  • Optional coverage for media and content includes infringement of software and computer code.
  • Automatic Additional Insured status for agents, clients, and independent contractors when required by contract.
  • Pre-claim assistance included in supplementary payments, which do not reduce the limit of liability available.

We are also dedicated to using a solution-based approach to ensure we address your coverage priorities. Combining our team structure with our access to industry-leading programs and products allows us to create custom insurance programs specifically for your organization. Whether its identify risks, deploying new coverages, or submitting a claim our team will be there to guide you through the process.

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