Affordable Care Act

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Affordable Care Act?

What are the requirements for individuals?

What are the requirements for employers?

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Washington Health Insurance is full of questions. Get the answers you need today for NO extra charge!

Rice Insurance has several registered brokers on the state exchange website Washington Health Plan Finder, standing by to answer your questions. Be sure to link your Washington Health Plan Finder account with a broker from “Rice” so we can assist you.

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The exchange is the ONLY place to qualify for reduced premiums and cost sharing reduction plans, but it may not be right for everyone. Let us help you throughout the process of finding the best coverage for you.

Common questions we can assist with:

  • Error codes when applying for coverage on the exchange
  • Should you use the exchange?
  • Are plans available outside the exchange?
  • Is insurance available to me at this time?
  • What are the penalties?
  • Will you be eligible for a tax credit?
  • How many employees are needed for group coverage?
  • What is my contribution requirement to my employee’s plans?

For more information, visit our Benefits Department’s partner site here.

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