Home Insurance

Owning a home is a big responsibility in itself, and making sure you and your investments are protected is a number one priority for our staff at Rice Insurance.

A Washington home insurance policy has various insurance protections. A home insurance policy can protect a homeowner from:

  • losses occurring to the home
  • loss to your home’s contents
  • loss of use (which can result in added living expenses)
  • loss of personal possessions from theft
  • liability insurance which protects the homeowner for accidents that may happen at the home or property

Did you know that you can also add extra coverage for your residence?

If you have questions about your coverage or have concerns as a homeowner, contact us and we can help walk you through your current coverages and avoid any gaps in coverage to ensure safety and peace of mind.

Are you a first time home-buyer? Then the first step should be to speak with our agency. The advantage is that we can shop all markets and thoroughly review coverages to find the right match for your new home.

Renters Insurance

Are you currently a renter? Renters often forget or don’t know that they need to protect their possessions with their own policy. You are renting a space, however, you are filling that space with your personal possessions. These contents still need to be protected. The good news? Having a Washington renter’s insurance policy can be quite inexpensive.

Many renters are under the false impression that their landlord’s or the building’s insurance protects them. Do not make the mistake of assuming you’re protected by your landlord’s insurance policy. Often those policies only cover the physical building structure but NOT its contents (your personal belongings).

Have more questions about a Home or Renter’s insurance policy? Fill out our online contact form and one of our experienced agents will be in contact to assist you!